Friday, June 16, 2006

My Feeling

I wish that I'm living in the years when there are not so many things to think about

I miss all the memories with my late father

I should have started doing what I'm doing now since the beginning. Although now it's not too late but I may have achieved more if started earlier

I fear of not being able to reach, fulfill or getting something that I've been hoping so much

I regret nothing except for the opportunities that I didn't grab/utilize

I wonder if all human being can actually live in harmony without having the feeling of envy and jealousy to each other

I confused about what's happening around me. There are people who don't deserve what they have but still, people were supporting them for the wrong thing they did

I hate the feeling of being misunderstood, rejected, betrayed, dumped and many more...but......I can still.....

I heard my inner self telling me that I missed someone but I don't know who.

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